About Us

My wife and I started Linens and Layers in 2016 as we wanted to help modernize the brick and mortar store of our parents. The name Linens and Layers was inspired by the items being sold by the business of our parents which include beddings, towels, and various outerwear. We curated and procured our items from the existing business of our parents. Then, sell them online.

Our sales channels back then were only Facebook and OLX (a.k.a. Carousell) as our parents’ business hasn’t tapped the digital side yet. Our buyers saw our products through those platforms and contacted us via mobile.

Initially, we mostly sold towels made in China and a few ones made locally. Many of our customers wanted towels that were more affordable so they usually opted for the lower quality towels. Locally made towels can be more expensive but they have good quality.

Eventually, we have decided to only sell towels made locally to help the manufacturers here in the Philippines. Also, to share with others that there are good quality products that are not readily available in shopping malls.

As locally made towels can be more expensive, we added our embroidery service in order for our products to have better value. Personalization is not cheap because each customer has their own desired design and requirement. Combining our local products with personal touch is our answer in introducing these great locally-made towels.

Do you have a custom design in mind now?