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Olympic Bath Towel (470 GSM) - DK-2550 Terrycloth - 25x50 inches

Olympic Bath Towel (470 GSM) - DK-2550 Terrycloth - 25x50 inches

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✔️Product Code: DK-2550
✔️Brand: Olympic
✔️Sold per piece
✔️Olympic Superior Face Towel has an intrinsic beauty
✔️Soft cotton
✔️Billowy texture
✔️Super absorbent
✔️Gentle to the skin
✔️Delightful to use
✔️Easy to dry


📏Fabric: Terrycloth
📏GSM (Grams per Square Meter): 470 approx.


📏Size: 25 x 50 inches
📏Weight: 380 grams

Care information

Washing Instructions:
✔️ In order to obtain the true dye shades in this article, both in the pastel and deep colours, a slight excess of dye is necessary. This excess is eliminated after the first few launderings.
✔️ It is therefore advisable to wash the article separately on the first two or three occasions. Do not boil and rinse freely after washing. Afterwards, it will then withstand the normal treatment given to all guaranteed fast colour articles.

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